Our vision is to help you become a better designer

DesignDrop is a simple way to conduct design reviews and collect feedback.

From typography to color selection, design is all about communicating ideas and eliciting emotion. The feedback received from their clients and coworkers is critical to the success of a design.

While engineers and business people often work in larger teams within a company, designers tend to work alone. DesignDrop can help you share work in progress with mentors, so you can get better at your craft.

Why did we build DesignDrop?

While working remotely for a startup in San Francisco and our team often had to conduct design reviews. It was a painful process.

Designs were being sent by email and each of these emails would end up with dozens of confusing responses. Over email it was often difficult to figure out which part of the design was being referenced ("try making the button larger" - "which button exactly?" (1 day later) "the one on the top right of the header").

DesignDrop solves this by allowing users to add visual annotations, so you can have conversations around a specific part of the design.

Contact Us

You can drop us a line at admin@designdrop.io.