Design Drop is a new way to conduct design reviews and collect feedback.

From typography to color selection, design is all about communicating ideas and eliciting emotion. The feedback received from their clients and coworkers is critical to the success of a design.

How does it work?

Design Drop helps designers capture and organize feedback, making the review process significantly more effective and less painful.

Draw visual annotations

Draw visual annotations directly onto the image to specify exactly elements on the design.

As easy as sharing a URL

Each design gets a short url that can easily be shared anywhere (email, twitter or IM).

Real time

Have a client on the phone? See the comments and annotations appear in real time as it's added.

No more endless email chains

Have one single reference point for all feedback instead of having to sift through multiple email threads.

Why did we build Design Drop?

I was working remotely from Toronto for a startup in San Francisco and frequently had to provide feedback on design screenshots. It was a painful process.

Each design review always ended with an email thread with 30+ replies. Over email it was always difficult to figure out which part of the design was being referenced ("try making the button larger" - "which button exactly?" (1 day later) "the one on the top right of the header").

On top of that, I noticed the same feedback was being repeated by different people. Designers needed a better way to collect feedback.

Contact us

If you'd like to get a hold of us or send feedback, email us at: admin@designdrop.io